Hire a professional marketer to ensure small business success

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Hire a professional marketer to ensure small business success

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A professional Marketer is a trained professional.

Small businesses should therefore hire a professional Marketer to help make their business a success.

I say this because for over 20 years I have seen many businesses fail because they did not invest adequately in this critical function or chose to do marketing themselves, although the business owner did not have the marketing training or experience. We live in an age of self-help, but it is wise to weigh the risk of failure if trial and error, on your own does not go as planned.

In fact, during recessionary times it is important to increase marketing spend, not to reduce spend. When times are tough, the first thing some business owners do is cut back on spending on marketing, which hurts them even more, after the recovery.

Small businesses that cannot afford to pay a full time Marketer on salary, should carefully consider hiring one on a part time or free lance basis. They can also hire a interim Marketing Manager to complete a special or one-off project.

The investment will be well worth it in the long term, if small businesses take the time to hire the right person.

Additionally, not all marketers are created equal, so you must first write down a shopping list of what type of marketer you are looking for, whether a specialist or a generalist.

Things to look for when hiring a marketer as an employee or contractor:
Years of general marketing experience
Business experiences
Marketing designation or degree specializing in marketing
Experience in your sector or trade area
Ability to work independently
Access to other specialists
Whether a specialist or generalist
Communication and writing skills
Proven ability to get results
Daily or hourly rate
Personality to get along with your management team and clients

The success of your business is important, so do not gamble with your financial future. A professional marketer is as important as your lawyer or accountant. In fact an effective marketer will help you generate sales to pay your legal and accounting fees.

We should spend more time making more money than in spending and counting money! A professional Marketer should help you achieve this objective.

Good luck!

Dane King
Chartered Marketer

Dane King is the President of Stratking Advisory Services Inc. and provides marketing consultancy services in Chartered Marketer For Hire, a division of Stratking Advisory Services Inc. Dane can be reached at 647-340-3801 or connect@charteredmarketerforhire.org

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