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What a logo does for your brand?

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What a logo does for your brand?



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I heard a marketing expert say recently that a logo does not have anything to do with the brand.

Honestly, that statement “raised my eyebrows” and triggered this article.

I believe that a logo has to be an integral part of a brand.

Although the brand can exist without a logo, the logo enhances the brand reputation by giving it an image that people can identify with the brand. So the brand will be better off with the logo than without it. In fact when a logo is “done right”, the brand may not be effective without the logo.

In support of my statement I refer to a well written article in the MIT Sloan Management Review entitled “The Power of a Good Logo at:


In their research, it was found “that the enhanced identification benefit offered by a brand logo (in other words, making it easier to identify a brand in the sea of competing offerings) has no significant impact on customer brand commitment and only a small impact on company financial performance. In contrast, when they express a brand’s symbolic, functional or sensory benefits, logos have a significant positive effect on customer commitment to a brand — and thereby a significant impact on company performance in terms of revenues and profits.”

So logos “done right” have a significant impact on company performance in terms of revenues and profits, to the extent , to the extent they express a brand’s symbolic, functional or sensory benefits.

So maybe the companies who did not experience a measureable difference in revenues did not do a good job in designing and communicating the logo or better yet may not be actively involved in brand management.

Following on from the above, a few of the important benefits of a logo are:

  1. Competitive differentiation – a brand with a logo is akin to comparing a “no name” brand with a brand with a distinctive logo and name.
  2. Expresses the brand identity – once a brand has top of the mind awareness, people easily identify the logo with the brand, which increases their memory and recall
  3. Develops goodwill with customers – if clients like your logo they will by extension like your brand if you deliver on your brand promises and help you better become a “trusted brand”
  4. Enhances the appeal of marketing material – compare a business card without a logo with one with a great logo and tell the difference
  5. Gives the impression of a mature and professional business
  6. Makes it easy to make purchase decisions when there are competing products on the “store shelf”, etc.

Investing in a properly designed logo and by extension tag line, can be a worthwhile investment to make for any size of business. A great logo can propel a small business into the same brand playing field as big corporations…the link is creativity and developing a brand strategy of which the logo is part of.

This is one of the reasons Chartered Marketer For Hire has installed the infrastructure to offer branding and graphic design services to develop effectives logos (done right) and as well taglines for professional services firms and professional corporations.

Happy marketing!

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Dane King is the President of Stratking Advisory Services Inc. and chief marketing consultant of Chartered Marketer For Hire.

For over 20 years Dane had been helping professionals, professionally owned businesses, services firms and major corporations grow revenue, increase profits, manage operations and reduce taxes. His mission is to make a difference in people’s lives and increase business profitability.

Dane is a Chartered Marketer, Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA),Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA), Professional Business Accountant (PBA), Chartered Management Accountant(ACMA,UK), and Financial Management Advisor (FMA).

He is an author and public speaker on a variety of business, marketing, strategy, tax and marketing issues.

He can be reached at 1-888-865-3870 or service@stratking.org

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