All work is Good Work!

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All work is Good Work!

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All work is Good Work!

By Dane King, CPA, CMA, CGMA, FMA, Chartered Marketer

Chartered Professional Accountant and Business Advisor

Stratking Accounting and Tax Professional Corporation


Today is Labor Day in Canada.

So I say Happy Labor Day to all my Canadian friends, family, business acquaintances and social media connections!

All work is Good Work!

I say that because:

  1. When we work we honor God with our gifts or talents he has given us
  2. All experience is good experience. My first job in Canada was as a Cashier at McDonalds. I learnt great customer service experience at McDonalds. This customer service training became a transferable skill I will use in future years with various employers and running my businesses. So rejoice in the work you get or have at this moment whilst remaining focused on your long term goals.
  3. Work keeps us occupied and therefore we are less likely to do idle things with our time
  4. Work is good to keep us mentally healthy
  5. No matter how small our pay is, pay is net cash flow inflow to help is pay the bills
  6. Work provides the opportunity to sharpen our skills and self-actualize. We should therefore sharpen the saw every day
  7. It allows us to provide our family and gives us a source of pride

On days like these I reflect on where I came from after landing on Canadian shores for the first time with all the uncertainties and hopes and dreams.

With persistent and proactive strategies each year my goal became nearer even though obstacles came my way.

I will also remember therefore all the Newcomers to Canada. My suggestion is to make a plan and work the plan. Get work as soon as possible that may provide you with transferable skills for your dream job and keep you occupied and bring in money so you can better focus on your long term goals. Time is money, so ensure when you trade time for money, that it aligns with your long term goals.

Seek professional advice early so you do not waste your time and money quickly.

In order to increase your chances of success, consider consulting with a Financial Advisor, Tax Accountant, Business Advisor, Mentor, Recruiter and getting legal or immigration advice.

If you are employed now, give thanks for the work that you have for the good Lord gives and he takes away! Surely, if we have today and may not have tomorrow, then our work is not entirely as a result of our hands but provision from a higher force, bigger than us.

Remember you can also seek employment or become self-employed and work for yourself in the same area you are seeking a job for. There are many advantages of being your own boss. You do not have to start in Canada as an employee if you can start with your own business from the scratch. Your path may not be the same as others.

I give you a challenge for tomorrow! When you return to work, tell your boss THANKS for hiring you and training you. Often we forget to give thanks even to our Managers and Supervisors.

This leads me to the other point that in work we must serve others in humility. Never let our position or job title go to our head and see our work as serving others. That way we will be focused on making sure our employer, colleagues, suppliers and customers are satisfied.

Happy Labor Day!

Dane King is the Principal Accountant and Business Advisor with Stratking Accounting and Tax Professional Corporation, the full service accounting based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, proudly serving professionals, professional services and financial services firms. He is also the Chief Marketing Consultant with Chartered Marketer For Hire the full service marketing firm for professionals and professional services firms.

Dane is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA), Chartered Marketer and Financial Management Advisor (FMA). He is a former Lecturer in Accounting and Professor Taxation, Marketing and Retirement Planning.

He can be reached at 1-888-865-3870 ext. 101 or email


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