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Brand identity development

Your brand name must be carefully considered and then developed. It is hard to develop a brand without a brand identity. A brand identity is key to brand development. We help professional services firms develop a brand identity and build their brand! Visit our Branding page for information on our…

What a logo does for your brand?

              What a logo does for your brand? By DANE KING,DipM,MCIM Chartered Marketer & Chief Marketing Consultant Chartered Marketer For Hire   I heard a marketing expert say recently that a logo does not have anything to do with the brand. Honestly, that statement “raised…

10 things to consider when selling your business

By Dane King Recently I successfully concluded the sale of the wealth management division of Stratking Advisory Services Inc. as part of a restructuring plan. Here are a few points I learnt from that exercise: 1. Ensure you are selling at the right time It is said that we should…

Brand valuation article on CIMA website

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This is a great article on Brand Valuation on the CIMA website worth reading: Dane King,ACMA(UK),Chartered Marketer,CMA,FMA