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If you are not growing you are shrinking!

Read this informative article entitled, “If you are not growing you are shrinking” writen by Dane King, President of Stratking Advisory Services Inc. and Stratking Accounting and Tax Professional Corporation

Brand identity development

Your brand name must be carefully considered and then developed. It is hard to develop a brand without a brand identity. A brand identity is key to brand development. We help professional services firms develop a brand identity and build their brand! Visit our Branding page for information on our…

Marketing support to Financial Advisors in GTA

        FINANCIAL ADVISORS in the GTA Sales could be better? Chartered Marketer For Hire can help you plan and execute sales campaigns of all types to help you achieve your sales targets. Give us a call at 1-888-865-3870      

What a logo does for your brand?

              What a logo does for your brand? By DANE KING,DipM,MCIM Chartered Marketer & Chief Marketing Consultant Chartered Marketer For Hire   I heard a marketing expert say recently that a logo does not have anything to do with the brand. Honestly, that statement “raised…


          IMPORTANCE OF A MARKETING AUDIT By DANE KING Chief Marketing Consultant Chartered Marketer For Hire The first question I get from business owners and executives when I recommend a marketing audit is “what is a marketing audit?”. This is a reasonable question! Let me quote…

Location is key!

Location is key! In marketing terms, place is one of the Ps in the Marketing Mix, so crucial for satisfying client needs. It is important that potential clients can easily find your place of business. If it is difficult to find your business or if your signage is not visible…

Why I love soccer so much?

Find out why I love soccer so much?, in LinkedIn. Whilst there let’s connect in LinkedIn!  

Stratking Insight Q4 Newsletter is now out!

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What to do when all else has failed?

    As a business owner I often have multiple roles to juggle. Father, husband, Director, Small Business Consultant, Financial Advisor, Community Volunteer, etc., etc.  The list goes on and on. I may not be alone as I know many of you have multiple roles and responsibilities, just like myself….

A vision to withstand the test of time!

A vision to withstand the test of time is needed for a successful business and personal life. Great vision gave rise to great men The greatest men of our time have been able to conceptualize a vision for the future and communicate that vision to influence others so that they…