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Marketing Audit


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A marketing audit reviews the marketing health of your business or organisation.

Definition of Marketing Audit – “A comprehensive, systematic, independent and periodic examination of a company’s or business unit’s marketing environment, objectives, strategies and activities with a view to determining problem areas and opportunities and recommending a plan of action to improve the company’s performance” – Kotler and Keller (2006)

It is used to identify weaknesses in order that they can be corrected, and provide a platform to build your marketing plan or marketing strategy.

The marketing audit can be undertaken either by an internal team, led by a senior manager, or if a more objective interpretation is desired, an outside marketing consultant should be used.

Chartered Marketer For Hire is equipped to quickly conduct a marketing audit and provide our written findings and recommendations.

  • The Chief Marketing Consultant – Dane King, is a former Internal Auditor, a Chartered Marketer and holds several accounting designations including CMA,CPA and CGMA. He has extensive experience in the various functional areas of a business
  • We have access to leading edge marketing tools and research from the Chartered Institute of Marketing

Chartered Marketer For Hire offers a Marketing Audit Service to businesses in Canada.

Call us today at 1-888-865-3870 to arrange a complimentary needs analysis and quote.

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