Why I love soccer so much?

Find out why I love soccer so much?, in LinkedIn. Whilst there let’s connect in LinkedIn! http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140801154820-13074649-why-i-love-soccer-so-much?trk=object-title  

Persistence pays off!

Read the motivational article written by Dane King,President of Stratking Advisory Services and posted on Stratking Professionals Lifestyle Hub in Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Persistence-pays-off-4428515.S.224364056?qid=c057fd46-d26c-4a78-95e0-cd46af0a76b1&goback=%2Egmp_4428515

Thinking of starting a new website?

Thinking of starting a website? Think strategically, then tactically! A website is a communication tool to execute your marketing objectives. Technically, I would do a marketing plan and promotional plan before putting up a website. The website is a tool to execute your marketing strategy. Secondly, I would ask myself,…