Why I love soccer so much?

Find out why I love soccer so much?, in LinkedIn. Whilst there let’s connect in LinkedIn! http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140801154820-13074649-why-i-love-soccer-so-much?trk=object-title  

What to do when all else has failed?

    As a business owner I often have multiple roles to juggle. Father, husband, Director, Small Business Consultant, Financial Advisor, Community Volunteer, etc., etc. ┬áThe list goes on and on. I may not be alone as I know many of you have multiple roles and responsibilities, just like myself….

A vision to withstand the test of time!

A vision to withstand the test of time is needed for a successful business and personal life. Great vision gave rise to great men The greatest men of our time have been able to conceptualize a vision for the future and communicate that vision to influence others so that they…